Social TV Workshop Position Papers

Building on The Results of One-Screen Interactivity - William Kreth

Change the flow of a TV show or a quiz-game by web voting and talking to your co-viewers- Symeon Retalis, Christina Tsirigka, Petros Georgiakakis, Michalis Boloudakis, Georgia Aretou

Experiences & Challenges of Supporting Social Interactive TV- Paul Ferguson, Cathal Gurrin, Hyowon Lee, Sorin Sav, Thomas Foures, Stephane Lacote, Alan F. Smeaton, Noel O Connor

Large, Visible and Loud: recalling some basic circumstances for 'social television'- Alexandra Zafiroglu

Lessons From Facebook Applied to Social Television- David Close

Position on Social TV- Wink Thorne

Position Paper for UXTV Social TV Workshop- Robin Hayes

Privacy for Social TV- Robert Foreman

Science and Social TV: Collaborative Observatories for Field Biology- Bryce Lee, Anand Kulkarni, Ken Goldberg, Dezhen Song, Deanna Wilkes-Gibbs

Seniors and the uses of media and ICT: exploring social iTV and social media sites potential to improve sociability and participation- Celia Quico

Sharing Television Experiences- Pablo Cesar

Social Television for the modern nomads- Aviaja Borup

Social TV is a natural progression of traditional TV- Maurice McGinley

Social TV is the future- Mirja Baechle

Social TV Workshop Position Paper- Chris Painter

Social TV: Its already here- Robin Sloan and Rod Naber

The Implementation of Social Interactive Television- Evangelia Mantzari

The Importance of Sociability Heuristics for Social Television- David Geerts

The TV Is Watching You- Gunnar Harboe

What are some of the challenges in developing and implementing social TV? How can they be addressed?- Joelle Stemp

What interactive TV can learn from the Social Web- Rossana Simeoni, Marina Geymonat